The time I’ve spent , I can’t buy back

and the place I remember faded to black.

My time and money are spent the same

and when it’s over, none will remain.

I made a choice of which to pursue

with cash in my wallet, time flew.

Demanded equally, a divide is created,

we chase after one as the other starts fading.

At the end of the day, I find myself spent

wondering where all my time went.


Altitude and Attitude

The air becomes thicker each mile I go

and my feet trudge through the Winter’s snow.

Trees hold onto sap mid-drip,

holding on tight, resisting the drift.

Ice covers the ground but remains see-through

and shows the struggles others have been through.

Cold and afraid, I set up for the night

and I take myself out of sight.

Morning comes and so does the worry

that I wont make it without a hurry.

Caught in the middle of life and death:

I ride the line till’ there’s nothing left.


The steps I’ve made

and the years I’ve seen

Allowed me to appreciate

the time imbetween.

The days go by;

my clock keeps ticking

Faster and faster

to match my thinking.

Thoughts and memories

fade into the abyss,

Leaving behind

what will be missed.

But the changes

that I see help me

Enviosion a new

place to be.

The Ride

I ride out the day with a big smile

In hopes that you will stay awhile.

I ride to coast through the pain I have,

Pain that would drive others mad.

I wish I could drive life’s rocky road

And relieve myself of this heavy load.

I exist in a body that moves around

a space and time yet to be found.

I was asked to be normal but I refused

Because some things I just can’t lose.

I strive to be well but look at this weather,

What a terrible day to try to get better.

Windy City

Against the odds, the tree stood strong in the wind

and continued to hold up, even against the humans.

For years, green leaves danced like two birds in love

during changing seasons, moving without reason

as sap slowly dripped down the rough side of the tree,

and without remedy, formed a steady stream.

The tree’s branches shot in every direction,

reaching and growing

at a slow rate, dictating a fate without even knowing

which way the wind was blowing.

Almost touching the sky, the tree has seen it all

and lived long enough to see many fall.

Wiser than ever, wrinkles riddled the tree’s skin

showing on-goers of a time back when.

Time has revealed its true course but the tree

remained eager, feeling more alive than ever.

But One cold day, chills filled the whole tree

and the singing birds were forced to leave

as the temperature dropped to a low degree

and snowflakes worked into the breeze.

The dancing leaves weaved trough

the air landing softly on the snowy ground

before shriveling up without a sound.

The bark on the tree fell off quickly and the branches

followed after causing my anger to grow faster.

Wind came and snow fell before life I mastered

But I can’t blame the earth for a natural disaster.


X_________________ (Sign Here)

Sit in. The front.

Just don’t. Look back.

Wish for. Happy days.

Cloudy skies. Rain Stays.

Push hard. With words.

Written down. Too absurd.

Find yourself. Stay honest.

Live free. Die less.

Find ways. To express.

What you. Know best.

Lead from. The soul.

Find love. Until full.

Spend time. Any way.

Learn why. Be okay.

Flip over. Hour Glass.

One time. Going fast.

Time spills. through cracks.

Slipping by. Going black.

Falling Star

Your eyes glow in the night much like street lights

That guide me through the harsh darkness of life.


Your words can pierce the tongues of those who shout

about the very things that instill doubt.


Your mind can change the way others can think

and it can pull out heavy minds that sink.


Your feet take you to the places unknown

and they somehow always lead you back home.


Your soul pushes against the body you use

and fights a battle your body might lose.


Your laugh can take crowds and show them grey skies

and can make a small heart double in size.


Your will to live gives me the strength I need

to find the power to set myself free.


Your sight looks past the people who lack heart

and sees broken things as a form of art.


Your time is spent helping falling stars

find a home whether that’s on Earth or Mars.


Your life has changed the very way my eyes see

and gave me the strength I need to be.


Much like you, I live a life to become better

and to realize “I” is just a letter.


You’re the falling star coming to stay

and the light I need to keep the darkness away.