Back Words / Backwards

Upfront, the words pierce

like razor-blades in a mouth.

But behind the words,

the truth remains about


The surface shows little

about the past we’ve seen

and it doesn’t reveal

what we mean.


The words come out

when we’re not sure.

but behind the words

is a soul full and pure


We go backward to

see the past,

But lose the present

moving too fast.


But we speak honestly

and from inside as

the surface reveals

what does not hide.


As the days have passed, I have thought more and more about my future. The more I think about my life, the more I run my thoughts into circles. I often think about the future and what is to be. When I think too far ahead, I feel bad because I know I am not living in the present. I have accepted that my future is bright, although I do not know how my career will go or how I will apply my degree. All I know is that I have to be so thankful for how much I have progressed over my entire life, particularly my college experience. As I reflect I have a greater appreciation for the trials and tribulations I have experienced. There were so many times where I have thought about giving up, but I always thought about just “finishing”. Now that I am almost “finished” with what I have wanted to achieve, I must not think about my future, but be happy that I have grown.

Galaxy of Me

Floating around

not attached to much.

Not to be found

or to be touched.


I float free

in a galaxy of me,

a very dark place

where others can’t see.


I reach for land

but I float away.

I want to stand

just not today.


If I stay lost

please stay outside

as I float

within my mind.

Plants from the same Garden

As I grow

My progress sprouts.

As I grow

Mother nature pouts.


I stem from

A deep-rooted history.

I stem from

Yesterday’s mystery.


My roots stay strong

When nature acts.

My roots stay strong

When the ground cracks.


Rain or shine

I shoot towards the sky.

Rain or shine

My pedals fly.

The River

The River rages on,

A sight we often see.

The River rages on,

Thru people like me.

Waters rush past

With no reason or rhyme.

Waters rush past

Not wasting time.

Birds call out

Gawking at the River’s flow.

Birds call out

Telling all that they know.

The fish swim free

Headed down the fastest stream.

The fish swim free

In all of nature’s dreams.

The river slows down

Then speeds up a bit.

The river slows down

The older we get.